Outer Banks, North Carolina

It was time for a little road trip to the beach. This time we chose the Outer Banks since they are relatively close by and can be reached by car. Boarding an airplane is out of the question right now. For those of you, who want some info and context: The Outer Banks is a 200 mile (320km) long string of peninsulas and barrier islands separating the Atlantic Ocean from mainland North Carolina. A major tourist destination, the Outer Banks are known for their wide expanse of open beachfront and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Hundreds of shipwrecks along the Outer Banks have given the surrounding seas the nickname Graveyard of the Atlantic.

We stayed in Corolla Beach for only a couple of days but it was enough to relax and do nothing … which was exactly what I needed.

Es war mal wieder Zeit fuer einen kleinen Ausflug zum Strand. Dieses Mal haben wir uns fuer die Outer Banks entschieden. Wer sie nicht kennt, hier ein paar Infos: Die Outer Banks sind eine schmale und 320 Kilometer lange Inselkette im Atlantik vor der Küste North Carolinas in den USA. Die Breite der Inseln beträgt stellenweise weniger als 200 Meter. Den exponiertesten Punkt im Osten markiert Kap Hatteras. Dort beträgt die Entfernung zum Festland rund 50 Kilometer. Aufgrund der kilometerlangen Straende und des warmen Klimas sind die Inseln sehr beliebte Urlaubsziele und im Sommer teilweise komplett ueberlaufen.

Wir waren zwar nur fuer ein paar Tage in Corolla Beach, aber das hat schon gereicht, um mal auszuspannen und einfach nichts zu tun.

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Mary’s Rock, Shenandoah National Park – again

Mary’s Rock is a 3,514-foot tall mountain in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. The peak is just south of the Thornton Gap Entrance of the park, and north of the taller Pinnacle. Mary’s Rock is the eighth highest peak in Shenandoah National Park.

On beautiful fall weekends it will take you over an hour to get into the park hence the long lines at the entrance. Mary’s Rock is a very popular hike and therefore very crowded. Nowadays with Covid19 and the need for social distancing it was hard to even walk for 10 minutes without having to stop and crawl into the undergrowth to let other hikers pass. Yes, I was a bit annoyed by it all but I really liked the hike and the view from the top! Well worth it!

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Indian Summer at the Shenandoah National Park

In my opinion fall is really the best season for hiking at the Shenandoah National Park. The weather conditions are not as hot and humid anymore and the views from the summits are bathed in gold and copper. The following pictures are taken during the hike from the Montebello fish hatchery in Nelson County up to the Appalachian Trail and to Spy Rock. From there you have probably the best viewpoint in the central Blue Ridge Mountains. Spy Rock provides a 360 degree panoramic view of numerous mountain summits including the Religious Range (The Priest, The little Priest, The Friar, The little Friar and the Cardinal). So it’s well worth the strenuous hike up there. But don’t say I haven’t warned you – it’s a sweaty affair!

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Tea Creek Trail, Monongahela National Forest, Gauley Mountain

Usually the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But I guess I’m not that kind of person. Our Tea Creek Trail hike was just miserable. The trail was covered with rocks and sticks almost everywhere and if it wasn’t, it was overgrown with stinging nettle … oh and did I mention the flies EVERYWHERE?!

At least the drive up there was pretty scenic. We stopped by Little Laurel Scenic Overlook on the Highland Scenic Highway and spotted a baby deer and tons of beautiful wild flowers.

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Grandview Nature Preserve, Hampton, Virginia

I really like the mountains and the forest but I also love the beach – but only in fall and winter I have to admit. This is a beach in Hampton, a nature preserve, so it’s quiet and tranquil where you can walk along the ocean for hours.

Ich mag die Berge und den Wald, aber ich bin auch gern am Strand, allerdings nur im Herbst und im Winter. Das hier ist ein Strand im nahegelegenen Hampton. Er ist ein Naturschutzgebiet und daher sehr ruhig und man kann stundenlang am Wasser laufen.