zombies and vodoo

Ich glaub, diesmal hab ich mich etwas ‘ver’kauft. Der Zombie/Vodoo doll von Susan Claudino ist zwar ganz suess, aber ehrlich gesagt, hab ich mir fuer 6 Dollar etwas anderes vorgestellt. Das Muster ist mega simple und eigentlich kriegt man das auch allein hin. Nunja, wenigstens habe ich einen Kreativling unterstuetzt.

Well, well … I think this pattern wasn’t worth USD 6.00 after all. Ok, the doll turned out pretty cute but the pattern is so simple I could have free styled it. Why did I buy it? I have no idea. 🙂 At least the money went to a creative person and not a big box store.

20151008_084405_Richtone(HDR) 20151008_084600_Richtone(HDR)

5 thoughts on “zombies and vodoo”

  1. Hah – once again, you pre-empt my thoughts! I was just thinking ‘I’m not sure I could knit that freestyle, but actually I could probably work it out – it’s very similar to the shapes of the giraffe I crocheted for my little Pickle!’ and there you picture a giraffe of the very same pattern!

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