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Iceland – the last chapter

Alle schoenen Dinge muessen mal zu Ende gehen. So leider auch mein schoener Islandtrip. Ich bin ganz wehmuetig … 😦 .Bis zum naechsten Urlaub bleiben mir zum Glueck die Erinnerungen und die schoenen Bilder:

All good things must come to an end – even my beautiful trip to Iceland. I’m longing to go back. 😦 But until my next vacation I’m left with my memories and beautiful pictures:

Auf dem Weg zurueck nach Keflavik zum Flughafen haben wir uns noch ein paar Sachen angeschaut, die sowieso an der Route lagen. Erster Halt: Urridafoss

On our back to Keflavik Airport we stopped at a few sights that were on our route anyways. So first stop: Urridafoss.



Danach ging es weiter zum Kerid. Kerid ist ein rund 6500 Jahre alter Schlackenkrater. Das Oval misst ungefaehr 270m mal 170 m.Der Krater ist 55m tief. (Wobei das Wasser aber nur zwischen 7m und 14m tief ist.) In seinem jetztigen Zustand ist der Krater vermutlich in der letzten Phase des Vulkanausbruchs entstanden, dadurch dass sich eine kleine Magmakammer entleert hat. Die Hoehlen im Gestein haben sich mit Grundwasser gefuellt und trara, Kerid ward ein See.

After that we drove on to Kerid. Kerid is a 6,500 year old scoria crater. It is about 270m long and 170m wide and 55m deep. (But the water is only between 7m and 14m deep.) The crater was probably formed by a small magma chamber beneath the crater being emptied towards the end of the eruption, resulting in a collapse. Cavities and fissures in the rock  filled with groundwater and so Kerid became a lake.

Der Krater ist eigentlich wesentlich steiler als er hier aussieht. The crater is a lot steeper than it looks here.
Wenn man ueber den Kerid schaut, bietet sich einem dieser reizvolle Anblick. Looking over Kerid you have this beautiful view.
Im Vergleich zu den winzigen Touris kann man sich vorstellen, wie gross der See wirklich ist. If you pay attention to the size of the people you get a better idea of how big the lake really is.
Am Kerid haben wir zum ersten Mal irgendwo Eintritt zahlen muessen. Der Preis war jedoch sehr moderat und die Kinder durften kostenlos mit rein. At Kerid we had to pay admission fee for the first time on this whole vacation. It was a reasonable sum and the kids got in for free.


Je nach Standort hatte der See diese intensive tuerkis Farbe. Depending on  your position the water had this deep turquoise color.
Der Weg dort hinunter war ziemlich steil und rutschig. Und der Ausblick von dort war nicht mal ein Foto wert. 😀 The path down there was really steep and little pebbles made the descent really slippery and difficult. The view from there wasn’t even worth a picture. 😀

Danach blieb uns nur noch der Weg zurueck zum Flughafen.

And then we headed back to the airport.


Und waehrend es in Island regnete und stuermte, begruesste uns ein feuriger Sonnenuntergang in Washington, DC.

And while it was rainy in Iceland Washington, DC welcomed us with a fiery sunset.


12 thoughts on “Iceland – the last chapter”

    1. I guess so. 😀 the airfare is not that expensive but staying there and renting a car is a bit pricy. But I thought it was well worth it. Plus,what else would you do with the money?! Let’s enjoy it. 🙂

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          1. I know and then some people think ‘handmade’ is less expensive than store bought. (Here in the States at least. I’m thinking it’s different in Europe. I saw some really well priced handmade items in Europe which made me admit that I could never charge that much here.)

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          2. Pricing is just the worst part of making stuff for sale, isn’t it? I routinely have other crafters tell me I’m charging too little, but at the same time if I were to take account of the hours of work that go into some Beasties, they’d cost the same as a Fabergé egg! Perhaps this coming market season you could experiment with pricing some of your goodies a little higher – pick items that are extra-special, and charge a good bit more than usual for those, but keep the rest of your prices the same. That way you can see if anyone will pay more, but you’ll also have a “safety net” in case people aren’t spending!

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