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Intellectual Kitty

Heute habe ich mal wieder was Gehaekeltes fuer Euch. Nach all dem Urlaub hab ich jede Menge Getier fertig, was nur noch fotografiert werden will. Hier also mal eine intellektuelle Katze. Sie ist gern gut informiert und verbringt daher jede freie Minute in ihrer Bibliothek.

Das Muster ist mal wieder eine Kreation von Ihr wisst, ich mag sie sehr. Ihre Tierchen sind so niedlich und die Muster total gut geschrieben, jeden Cent wert!

Die Idee, der Katze ein Buch unter den Arm zu klemmen, kam mir als ich mal wieder bei Helen und Ihren Beasties rumgestoebert habe. Wenn es um Monster und ihre hand gefilzten Accessoires geht, ist Helen eine super Inspiration. Wenn Ihr kurz Zeit habt, huepft doch mal zu ihrem Blog und sagt “Hallo”.

Today I finally have some crochet for you. After all the vacations and trips I have finished a couple of creatures. They can’t wait to get photographed and blogged about. So here we have the intellectual kitty. She is always well informed and spends every spare minute at the library.

The pattern is from and you already know I’m really fond of her. Her creatures are so cute and the patterns are well written, worth every penny!

I got the idea of equipping the cat with a book when I saw all those lovely hand felted accessories for creatures at Helen is such an inspiration when it comes to crafting – it’s amazing! If you have a minute don’t hesitate to jump over to her blog say ‘hi’ and read about her funny monsters.


9 thoughts on “Intellectual Kitty”

  1. Oh wow, I’m only seeing this today! (I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blog reading lately, sorry!) But your Intellectual Kitty is so cool, and thanks for the shout-out as well! I will warn you, once you start giving your knitted friends fun little accessories, it’s hard to stop! Have fun, and thanks again! 😀

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      1. Hmmmm… What did I try next? I think I moved on to guitars, but those take AAAAGES to make. I’m going to be doing some Hallowe’en ones soon with jack o’lanterns and skulls, maybe your creatures need some of those things too? Have a great week yourself 😀

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        1. Yeah, I’m thinking of ‘halloweenish’ but haven’t really come up with something useful. One of the reasons being that most of my craft shows are organized by churches … some of them are not into that kind of “sinful pleasure”! :-/

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          1. Hahaha! Yes, I suppose I should probably stop bringing beer-drinking Beasties to school fairs, now that you mention it! They probably couldn’t object to a more fall-inspired accessory though… How about a pile of leaves, or a pumpkin? I might revisit some of my early autumnal Beasties for Flashback Friday today, maybe there might be an idea there!


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