Amigurumi, Haekeln/Crochet


Reptiles are kind of fun I think. They sometimes move in slow motion but then again parts of their bodies can be super fast (… and sticky). I just love to watch chameleons. So I was very excited when I found this cool pattern from Mojimoji Designs: If you have a moment stop by at her lovely blog and say ‘hi’.

cameleon 1cameleon amigurumi crochet 2

Amigurumi, Haekeln/Crochet


Recently I’ve done a lot of crocheting but didn’t find the time to actually post any pictures. So now I can show off quite of few things. For today I have this Buddha for you. I’ve made it for my awesome yoga teacher who brings a lot of zen into my life.

buddha ohm zen 1buddha ohm zen 2

pattern by:


GreenGate Festival

Summer is here and it’s time for a beautiful festival. There will be live mural painting, bands, a kids’ zone with balloon twisting and face painting, local restaurants and beer trucks set up at the site, plus fun extras like an outdoor cycle class by CycleBar!

And of course some creative vendors selling their arts and crafts. Come and see me!

Amigurumi, Haekeln/Crochet


Did you know that the value of a house massively increases when you add a window in a otherwise windowless building? Well, that’s what I was told by a little snail and so I made sure she won’t loose any money in the future and added a window incl. a flower box.

Wusstet Ihr, dass der Wert eine Hauses extrem in die Hoehe geht, wenn man ein Fenster einbaut, insbesondere wenn das Gebaeude urspruenglich ueberhaupt keins hatte?! Nunja, das war zumindest das, was mir die kleine Schnecke erzaehlte und so habe ich ein gutes Werk getan und ihr ein Fenster geschenkt … inklusive Blumenkasten.

snail schnecke snaffy 3snail schnecke snaffy 4

pattern by kornflake stew

Amigurumi, Haekeln/Crochet

mermaid with sequins – Meerjungfrau

OK, one more mermaid before I take on another project. This one has A LOT of hair and it took forever to attach each of those individually. When I was finished she somehow still looked naked so I gave her some shiny scales.

Ok, eine Meerjungfrau hab ich noch fuer Euch. Diese legt sehr viel Wert auf ihre Frisur und es hat einige Zeit gedauert, jeden Faden einzeln anzuknuepfen. Selbst nach der Haarknuepftaktion sah die Dame allerdings noch irgendwie nackt aus und so hab ich ihr noch zu ein paar glaenzenden Fischschuppen verholfen.

mermaid meerjungfrau 4mermaid meerjungfrau 6mermaid meerjungfrau 5

Amigurumi, Haekeln/Crochet, Two Pointy Stix Shop Items

Mermaid – Meerjungfrau

I just can’t stop making mermaids. I love to experiment with their hair, accessories and colors and I have a feeling they turn out completely different every time.

Ich kann die Finger einfach nicht von den Meerjungfrauen lassen. Ich liebe es mit Haaren, Accessoires und Farben zu experimentieren. Und irgendwie hab ich das Gefuehl, sie sehen jedesmal ganz anders aus.

mermaid meerjungfrau 1mermaid meerjungfrau 2mermaid meerjungfrau 3mermaid 1